Harddisk External Murah meriah

Seagate Free Agent Go 2.5″ (update)

250gb                    => 650 rb
320gb                    => 720 rb
500gb                    => 920 rb

Seagate Raptor 2.5″ (update)

250gb                                    => 570 rb
320gb                                    => 650 rb
500gb                                    => 850 rb

Transcend Jet Store Anti Shock 2.5″ (update)

160gb                                    => 650rb
250gb                                    => 700rb
320gb                                    => 780rb
500gb                                    => 1 jt

lengkapnya DISINI

~ by cyberjagaditha15 on March 26, 2010.

One Response to “Harddisk External Murah meriah”

  1. gan hrg jet store yg 500gb bs kurang ga?
    gan,minat ga kalo transcend’y barter ama adsl modem dlink DSL-2640T + Linksys WRT54G + wifi adapter (D-link G150+SMC WPCIT-g).smua kondisi 90% ga prnah pake cman d test,klo minat email!

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